Budapest districts

Budapest is divided into 23 districts (kerület in Hungarian), which are designated by Roman numerals. Six of them are located in Buda, 16 in Pest, and one on the island between Buda and Pest, called Csepel. Some districts have a name, and most are subdivided into smaller neighborhoods.

My goal for this blog is to visit each district once, in numerical order, so that I don't neglect less popular districts. Although most places of interest to tourists are in or near the city center, I'm sure every part of this city has something interesting and unique that I'm eager to discover and share with others. Because most districts are very large, I may either focus on a smaller area, or a specific topic of interest (or in some cases, whatever I can find!) The idea is to spend a day in each district and document what I find, not to see everything (as if that were ever possible). Once I've visited and blogged about all 23 districts, I'll start writing about special events and interesting things I find in Budapest and file the entries under the district numbers.

As I revisit some of my favorite places and discover many new ones, the result should be partly a journal, in which I'll keep track of my adventures and thoughts, and partly a guide for not only armchair travelers and visitors, but also residents who are interested in learning more about their city. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading and participating (with ideas, comments, and suggestions) as much as I'm enjoying all the planning, and soon to begin exploring and writing, too!